Apologies, but at the moment I am unable to take on any new clients. 

Alternative therapists can be found here: https://www.bacp.co.uk/about-therapy/using-our-therapist-directory/

“Don’t struggle alone”

Life can be overwhelming and life can be lonely. Even those of us surrounded by people can feel, at times desperately alone.
We may feel that we cannot share our worries even with those closest to us in order to protect ourselves and those that we love.

Let me help. Counselling is an opportunity to talk openly and honestly about the things in our lives that don’t make sense or that are making us angry, sad or afraid. It may even be possible that you aren’t fully aware of what emotions you are feeling only that something somewhere is wrong or unbalanced. By exploring the thoughts you are experiencing you can discover whether they are helpful or are they holding you back.

Counselling is not a magic cure but it can offer a new perspective on old problems and alternative ways to manage and move forward.

My aim is to offer a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental and confidential environment in which you can be yourself and be heard. Do not underestimate the empowerment that can be gained from really being heard and giving validation to your feelings.

In therapy as in other walks of life, one size does not fit all, I work from a Person Centred Integrative approach where the focus of each session is driven by you. Elements from the three main schools of therapy will be used – Humanistic, Psychodynamic and CBT, these enable us to consider your current state of mind, elements from the past that may have influenced you and the development of coping strategies for the future.

The relationship between you and your therapist is at the very heart of successful therapy, so it’s important that you choose someone who is right for you, someone that you feel you can relate to and can engage with, with this in mind I offer an initial assessment appointment with no expectation to commit further to give you an opportunity to consider whether I am the right therapist for you.

I work with adults (18yrs+) who are experiencing a wide range of issues including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loss and grief

I have specialist interest and experience in working with:

  • Emotional and physical abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Family and relationship issues.

If I said that Moyra was a friend, that might mean to some that she was unprofessional. But if I said that she was warm, approachable, interested in the ‘whole me’, able to probe and ask the difficult questions and that I left every session feeling lighter, more confident and able to continue building my own resilience, that would be true. And I’d call that a pretty special relationship.

KQ – Apr 2021

Counselling sessions with Moyra enabled me to talk through my anxiety issues and put things into perspective, giving me a real sense of positivity to move forward with life. I was able to ‘unpack’ the stuff which had been weighing me down, in some cases for many years, without being judged, but rather encouraged to reflect in a more balanced way, so that I was able to see myself and my life more  objectively. The sessions have helped me enormously to see myself, not as failing, or lacking courage, but being able to acknowledge my achievements and the strength of character I have shown in dealing and coping with the struggles and setbacks of my life journey.  Through this opportunity to reflect I have felt a real sense of empowerment and begun to live life rather than being afraid to step into the next chapter. Thank you Moyra for helping me to move forward.

Ms G – May 2021