If I said that Moyra was a friend, that might mean to some that she was unprofessional. But if I said that she was warm, approachable, interested in the ‘whole me’, able to probe and ask the difficult questions and that I left every session feeling lighter, more confident and able to continue building my… Continue reading KQ – Apr 2021

KQ – Apr 2021

Counselling sessions with Moyra enabled me to talk through my anxiety issues and put things into perspective, giving me a real sense of positivity to move forward with life. I was able to ‘unpack’ the stuff which had been weighing me down, in some cases for many years, without being judged, but rather encouraged to… Continue reading Ms G – May 2021

Ms G – May 2021

The stigma of therapy in the male world is quite high & can sometimes seem rather off putting & as a barrier to a lot of males & young men who would benefit from finding someone to talk too.  Despite the stigma I found therapy a great way to exorcise some personal demons that had… Continue reading Sam M – Jul 2019

Sam M – Jul 2019

I had counselling with Moyra for some very complex family and personal issues I had been struggling with for many years.  Moyra helped me immensely and I now feel like a completely different person and have managed to turn my life around and make different choices.  She listened and made me feel very valued as a person and gave me… Continue reading Jenny – Nov 2020

Jenny – Nov 2020

I started using Moyra’s services during a period of my life when I was feeling lots of anxiety but I was unsure why. Moyra helped me explore the reasons for my anxiety and suggested some practical coping mechanisms.  Since my counselling sessions, I have made several changes in my life, all of which have had… Continue reading Jon M – Sept 2019

Jon M – Sept 2019