Sam M – Jul 2019

The stigma of therapy in the male world is quite high & can sometimes seem rather off putting & as a barrier to a lot of males & young men who would benefit from finding someone to talk too. 

Despite the stigma I found therapy a great way to exorcise some personal demons that had clouded my teenage years & my early 20’s, when I met Moyra in 2019 I was in a very dark place personally with my life in a mess. I found a friend & someone I could confide in with Moyra & as a therapist I found her completely against the norm, each week I came to see Moyra, Moyra gave me a sense of security & a non-judgemental view of how I was feeling. Which I know is what puts a lot of people off is trying to find someone who you can tell your darkest secrets too but Moyra never once made me feel like my problems were invalid & that there are people out there who genuinely care & want to help you become a better version of yourself.

With Moyra’s great therapy sessions I have never looked back, since sharing my emotions & tribulations with Moyra as a therapist I have maintained a good work life & also a good personal life which seemed a million miles away before I met Moyra. 
As the campaign says ‘it’s ok not to be ok’.

A word of advice from me is find someone to talk too, use the network that is available provided by the NHS & privately, people do care & people what to help you turn things around & it’s never too late to start. Life is full of wonderful things once you know where to look & it starts with finding it in yourself.